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Wanting to find a Sheffield-based accountant, who specializes in assisting small businesses with all of their accountancy needs – such payroll, bookkeeping, completing and submitting VAT returns, Self Assessment and Limited company year end?  Then look no further!  Sheffield accountants and bookkeepers, Life Accountancy specializes in assisting individuals, sole traders and small businesses in all of these areas, plus more.

Most businesses benefit from the advice, experience and wisdom of having an accountant to look after their financial affairs. Not least if it is just to ensure they operate legally and to help minimize any tax liabilities they may have. Certainly having an accountant with whom you have a good working relationship should help in the success of your business.

Life Accountancy, a small accountancy practice, based in Sheffield, will provide advice and support on your business idea, structure, and on-going business, so that you can concentrate on your business rather than worrying about any legislation changes or looming deadlines. We can provide full bookkeeping services, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet statements, cash-flow forecasts, payroll, VAT returns and advice, plus business tax and Self Assessment tax returns.

Whether you are a sole trader or a limited company needing that extra bit of accountancy help, Life Accountancy can assist you and save you time and money!  Some business owners like to do their bookkeeping, VAT returns and accounting returns themselves, but having the ability to outsource this work, so they can concentrate on building their business idea and increasing their wealth and profit, surely is a good idea?  Life Accountancy can take the strain and thus allow business owners the space they need to grow their business! Work can be carried out remotely or in-house on an “as needed” basis.

Life Accountancy also has a wealth of experience in setting up office policies, such as staff handbooks, Health and Safety policies and carrying out Risk Assessments in office based environments and can assist businesses employing staff in ensuring they have adequate policies in place.  So, if you choose to use Sheffield’s Life Accountancy’s bookkeeping retainer, you are tapping into a wealth of knowledge that can assist your business.

Our clients range from sole traders and partnerships to Limited Companies. Feel free to contact us either on email via zoe@life-accountancy.co.uk or on 0791 225 7899 to chat through your business needs.


Our clients say:  “Zoe Marciniak (Life Accountancy) has been a great help in preparing my books and completing my return. I found Zoe uncomplicated, and to the point and all at a competitive rate.  I will be using Zoe again and I would recommend her services to anyone.”                               James, July 2013


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